Septic System Repair

Important Facts About Septic System Repair

As your septic system ages, you may encounter problems which will eventually result in a septic system repair. Repairs vary drastically in size; this obviously has a direct impact on costs. For example, a minor repair like a broken tee can be addressed by a tech immediately and will have a much lower cost than an entire drain field replacement which could take a matter of days to complete.

Typical indications of possible problems include: soggy or saturated ground on or around your drain field, sewage coming up out of the ground in your yard or your crawl space, foul sewage odors emitting from drains and of course the back up of sewage anywhere in the home.

Should you experience any issues like the above mentioned, or question whether you may be having a problem, contact Commonwealth Waste Solutions immediately. Ignoring the problem or potential problem will only cause further damage to your system.

If a repair becomes necessary, most of the time a septic repair permit will be required. Permits may be obtained through your local Environmental Health Department.

Our best recommendation to you, the homeowner, is to actively protect your system with the use of septic safe toilet tissue, avoiding the disposal of grease and food solids into your tank, using high quality septic system treatments (natural microbes and enzymes) and following all of the other guidelines we have outlined for you on our website, Valuable Tips For The Homeowner.

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